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Legal Bud Krypto Jar of Herb BudsIf you're looking to buy legal buds online or get your legal bud by mail order and save money you've found the number one source for herbal smoke on the net. 

  • What effects do Legal Bud produce? 
  • Are these real legal buds I've seen in the ads in high times magazine?
  • Do you have any legal Bud exclusives or legal herb suggestions for the kindest buds available? 
  • Do they actually get you high and what are the effects like?

We feature the best reviewed most popular and highest-rated legal smokes anywhere.  The legal herbs we feature are top-selling in the best smoke shops.  Is legal bud worth it and has anybody tried legal buds? It's like pot or is it just like smoking a cigarette?  I'm unsure about this salvia stuff, how do legal buds compare?

Legal Herbs Panama Gold at International Oddities What's the best source for legal herbal smokes and herbal highs? The smoke alternatives we have experienced have their own characteristics and legal bud tastes and smells mean each will offer various opinions about effects.  There are many products out there that will keep the party going but remember this is a potent sweet smelling super relaxing smoke and a great legal bud is the Legal Bud you enjoy.

We have gathered the best legal Bud products we've ever seen in the World and loaded them throughout our sites. Each potent super-sweet relaxing herbal product is enjoyed by everyone here.  The best of the best of the best in legal Bud are gathered at so enjoy. Our legal buds still remain the best herbal smokes seen by anyone due to our nearly 30 years of product development.

We even review herbal buds, herbs and smoking blends but for really great smoke insist on all bud like that offered by international oddities. Legal smoke Krypto, Dro, Wizard Smoke, and Black Widow Bud are probably the stuff you've seen advertisements for, and you can enjoy this herbal Bud anywhere without ramifications from any one.  Legal Buds Bahli Bubble BudThey're the very best legal smokes with free rolling machines available today and the high potency will be sure to please.  The top rankings for any legal bud herbal smoke or solid smoke clearly come from the creator and original grower of the entire legal Bud world market for over 25 Years - International Oddities.

The smell alone of any of our smokes will floor you. The site is created to provide customers with the greatest legal Bud and herbal smoke available on the Internet. Everybody knows International Oddities is the pioneer of the herbal smoking market for nearly 3 decades.

We bring you only the best products from the original legal bud source. There is alot of information available about the traditional use of our herbs. Our exclusive legal bud and herbal Bud smokes are the greatest available.

Is it all comparable to other stuff?  You'll by far have the greatest experience when you smoke the only legal buds worth smoking, bud from international oddities.

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