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Legal Herbs It is remarkable that this degree of high-quality legal bud is such a powerful smoke.  To know what the systems of the mind might do by the process of smoking such an herbal Bud demonstrates in our opinion certain truths about this "New" smoking industry. While the countries of origin for legal buds and herbal smokes vary, it is obvious the West gains the highest benefit from the rest of the world's harvesting endeavors. The seemingly endless supply of cheap buds that are also legal yet undeniably satisfying drags the prices of certain peripheral products up and others down. The first signs of the effect of legal bud resulting or causing a real slowdown in consumption of the ever-present stale herbal smoking herbs which are a dime a dozen throughout the net are referenced by some of the originators of the Legal Bud market like International Oddities (see International

International Oddities Legal Weed Buds The impact of health and quality issues seem to reveal more benefit to the user of the legal Bud, legal buds, herbal smokes, legal weed, etc. than that of cigarettes or other herbal smoking materials when college age students were interviewed in a recent survey. They indicated such specialty smoking products like Krypto, Black Widow Bud, Panama Gold Bud and Skyscraper Bud were not only very acceptable in a social atmosphere, but these legal buds were in some cases preferable for socialization of the gabby hip party crowds or chatty college circles so common in today's social settings.

Legal Buds and Legal WeedThis explosive growth of the specialty smokes and legal bud products prevalent in stores in the U.S.A. is more than a social survival mechanism or knee-jerk reaction to upwardly spiraling demands for relaxation options and legal smoke alternatives, which are merely filling a need or social cry by the masses for Novocain for the soul.

Upward momentum of legal buds is not without its downside in the marketplace. For even the larger players in the industry like International Oddities are screaming foul at the upstart, uninformed and seemingly "herbal" un-educated copycats popping up in the marketplace. Since the new supply and demand of legal Bud commodities demonstrates a real prospect for producers of quality smokes, and reputable companies that offer options other than the traditional and admittedly boring corner store smoking experience, there remains a pause in the market. For as research with multiple store owners in the greater San Francisco District shows, there remains no single company who has produced a smoking product comparable in quality to the legal buds so commonly available by International Oddities.

Legal HerbsFor the line of products that so dominates the trade magazines (for example Krypto, Dro, Albino Rhino etc.), again International Oddities products, the rise from the ranks of obscurity to legal buds world leader was apparently not an overnight process. This author's studies reveal a consistent spiraling progression over some 30 years of legal Bud research, marketing and legal Bud experiments ultimately resulting in not only the creation of the legal herbal smoke and herbal bud markets, but a domination of the very entity of which they now comprise such a large part.

Legal Weed Stunk BudThe vast majority of legal buds from other companies in the marketplace do not maintain the quality standards that International Oddities set several decades ago. Competing products are either too dry to smoke, or are not as smooth as the higher standards which International Oddities put in place even in its earliest years with products like ultra Wizard smoke. Cost-conscious consumers rave at the benefit of receiving over a hundred substantially pleasing legal weed herbal smokes or legal Bud cigarettes packed into the aptly named and patented "pop fresh cans" now available in stores at any well stocked smokeshop across America. These legal buds cans by International Oddities ensure the freshest bud any time, any place, anywhere - always acceptable in a social setting from the most casual of parties to the graces of the highest social echelon.

If you are looking for smoking products from a higher realm, International Oddities says their legal buds products will "Light up your Life".
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